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Directorates and departments

1. Internal Audit Unit
2.“Legal-regulatory service” Directorate
3. “Financial Policy” Directorate

    • Budget and Financial Analysis Department

4. “Accounting” Directorate

    • Department “Financial and accounting activities”
    • Department “Methodology, control and systemized Information”

5. “Administrative and information services” Directorate

    • “Civil registration and administrative services” Department
    • Department of Records, Information and Documentation Services
    • Department “Protocol, public relations and media”
    • Department “Material and maintenance support”

6. “Preliminary control” Department
7.“Risk assessment and risk management” Department
8. “Management of human resources” Department
9. “Public order and crisis management” Department
10. Department “Forecasts and Analyzes”
11. Department “Expert-technical service of the Municipal Council”
12. Department “Administrative-penal activities”
13. “Public Procurement” Directorate
14. “Local Taxes and Fees” Directorate

    • “Services” Department
    • “Revenues” Department
    • Department “Collection and Control”

15. “Municipal Property” Directorate

    • Department of Municipal Properties and Housing Policy
    • “Management and ordination” Department
    • “Municipal Property Legal Services” Department

16. . Directorate “Spatial planning”

    • Department of “Structures and plans”
    • Department of “Cadastre and regulation”
    • “Investment projects and construction control” Department

17. Directorate “Construction, networks and facilities of the technical infrastructure”

    • Department “Road and engineering infrastructure”
    • Department “Construction and public works”
    • Department “Investment projects and technical infrastructure”

18. “Municipal economy and health” Directorate

    • “Commercial organizations, municipal enterprises and healthcare” Department
    • Department of “Revenues and taxes, post-concession and post-privatization control”

19. Directorate “Ecology and waste management”
20. Directorate “Culture and Cultural Heritage”
21. Directorate “Education, Business Development and International Cooperation”

22. Directorate “Sports and youth activities”
23. Directorate “Social policy”


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