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“Administrative and Information Service” Directorate

“Civil Registration and Administrative Service / GRAO / ” Department
“Records, Information and Documentation Services” Department
“Protocol and Public Relations” Department
“Technical Service” Department

Director: Nadya Kazakova
Contacts: +359 32 / 656 704, 656 753, 656 715, 656 763
E-mail: n_kazakova@plovdiv.bg

“Administrative and Information Services” Directorate has the following functions:
1. Organizes, supervises and performs the Registration activity of the administration in the front and back office;
2. Organizes the entire activity of the municipal administration in the administrative servicing of physical and legal persons on the one-stop-shop principle, the reception of citizens and representatives of organizations and the hearing of their proposals and signals under APC;
3. Through an automated information system it accomplishes registration activity, archiving and storing the documentation of the administration, preparing certified copies of documents, stores the archive, their processing and transmission in the State archives;
4. Examines applications for access to public information under the Law on Access to public information and writes decisions to grant access or refusal to provide access, consult and prepare reports under this law;
5. Coordinates the preparation of the materials for the meetings of the Municipal Council, organizes and forms the proposals of the mayor for inclusion on the agenda of the meetings of the Municipal Council, the answers to the questions from the mayor of the municipality, performs entries in the administrative register;
6. Provides information on the administrative services carried out by the Municipal Administration;
7. Responds to general enquiries and directs questions of competence to the departments in the administration, as well as to other administrative bodies;
8. Responds, monitors and reports on compliance with the deadlines under the document through the AIS/administrative information system/the administration;
9. Monitors practical instructions for shaping documents in the administration;
10. Organizes, supervises and implements the activities of implementation of the decisions of the Municipal Council;
11. Organizes and controls the activity of copying (propagation) of documents and materials for the municipal administration;
12. Organize and control the activities of signals and suggestions coming from citizens;
13. Provides information to citizens and officials on matters concerning the activities of the municipality;
14. Coordinate and make proposals for increasing the quality of administrative services, according to the normative amendments;
15. Organizes the implementation of modern information and communication technologies in the Municipality of Plovdiv, in accordance with the national and municipal strategies, programs, plans and priorities;
16. Organizes technical support of available computer and office equipment, network operating systems and local network in the Municipality of Plovdiv;
17. Examines the need for specialized consumer software products for the needs of the municipal administration and their availability in the information technology market;
18. Prepares a technical assignment for procurement or software development and purchase of computer and office equipment;
19. Organizes the maintenance of computer mail and web servers, the electronic page, the digital automatic telephone exchange, the electronic communications systems in the Municipality of Plovdiv;
20. Participates in the design, implementation, control and management of information systems;
21. Responsible for the organization for maintaining and updating the data in the electronic register under the Personal Data Protection Act;
22. Provides maintenance and management of the administrative buildings of the Municipality of Plovdiv;
23. Organizes and controls the process of supplying, storing and managing the material values and tangible assets necessary for the functioning of the municipal administration;
24. Provides the necessary conditions for sanitary-domestic and hygienic servicing of the administrative buildings of the municipality of Plovdiv;
25. It provides maintenance and management, charging and operation of a service station of the Municipality of Plovdiv;
26. Ensures the maintenance and functioning of the rest bases of the Municipality of Plovdiv;
27. Provides maintenance and management for the automotive equipment in the Municipality.
“Protocol and Public Relations” Department

Head of Department – Veselina Georgieva Stoyanova – Anastasova

1.Plans, coordinates and conducts the information policy of the municipality and the public presentation of the mayor of the municipality and provides publicity and transparency of the activities of the municipal administration by organizing access to information on media and citizens, performs the coverage of official and working meetings of the mayor of the municipality, written answers and interviews, performs an overview of the press for the needs of the administration and systematize and analyze the publications in the mass media;
2. Examine and analyze public opinion before a specific decision of the mayor, participates in the development, organization and information campaigns for preliminary presentation and promotion of the policies of the mayor of the municipality and its prepared acts of local regulations and decision making;
3. Participates in organizing the visits of the mayor and deputy-mayors in the country and abroad and their coverage in the public domain, coordinating the public appearances of the representatives of the municipality;
4. Conferences, symposia, seminars, discussions and round tables of the Mayor of the Municipality;
5. Coordinate the programme for official and working visits to the municipality of the guests at the invitation of the Mayor of the Municipality, together with the state protocol, NSP, embassies in Bulgaria and Bulgarian embassies abroad, as well as with all other institutions and services related to the organization of the specific event;
6. Coordinates and prepares the program of the Mayor of the municipality for trips outside the country and prepares the necessary documents for the foreign missions of the employees in the administration;
7. Provides interpretation and translation of meetings, official correspondence and materials, maintains the protocol correspondence of the Municipality, prepares greeting letters;
8. Responsible for the implementation of the Protocol standards of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Municipality;
9. Leads and maintains the current status of a register of signed international agreements and the archive for them;
10. Provides technically the halls in the main administrative building and coordinates their timely use.

“GRAO” Department

Head of Department – Milena Dimitrova Bozhkova

1. Establish and update the electronic information arrays of acts under the civil status, local database and national population database;

2. Writes up acts for civil marriage and acts of death for events occurring on the territory of the Municipality of Plovdiv or outside the country, concerning Bulgarian citizens with permanent address in the Municipality of Plovdiv and issue certificates and transcripts-extracts (original);
3. Serves the population at a permanent address, according to the Civil Registration Act, Family Code, Bulgarian Citizenship Act, Code of International Private Law and other Legal and regulatory provisions for issuing official supporting documents;
4. Responsible for the storage, maintenance and servicing of registers of civil status (birth register – up to 1964; Death Register – up to 1963; Register of Civil Marriage – so far) and the population Register (family registers – up to 1965);
5. Coordinate the activity of Esgraon; Provides methodological assistance and control.
Prepares business reports, opinions and suggestions on the activities of Esgraon;
6. Participates in the organizational and technical preparation of elections, as well as other state-related activities.

“MTO” Department

Head of Department – Dobrinka Lubenova Dimova

“Records, Information and Documentation Services” Department

Head of Department – Hristina Ilieva Kashilska

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