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“Education, Business Development and International Cooperation” Directorate

“Education” Department

“Business Development and International Cooperation” Department

1.Asisting investors in Plovdiv Municipality – working with the administration and with institutions
2. Maintains registers by industry and maintains comprehensive information about the opportunities for investment and business in the Plovdiv Municipality;
3. Works to create public-private partnerships;
4. To establish contacts with other municipalities and international organizations for joint participation in projects.
5. Organizes the implementation of the policy of the Plovdiv Municipality in the field of European integration and international cooperation;
6. Organize the preparation, development and presentation of municipal projects for funding under national and operational programs, community programs, international organizations and financial institutions, in cooperation with the departments of the s Municipal Administration and District Administrations;
7. Coordination in the management and implementation of projects and programs in which the municipality is a party;
8. Dissemination of information about the possibilities of applications with project proposals on national, operational, European and other international programs for obtaining EU grants;
9. Organizes meetings of contacts of Plovdiv Municipality with representatives of the institutions of the EU and the international institutions in order to see the opportunities for financing investment projects;
10. Participates in the meetings with similar municipalities from other countries with the aim of cooperation and exchange of good practices;
11. Attracting investors and tries to include them in the implementation of the plan;

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