Business development and international cooperation

Department “Business Development and International Cooperation”
Business development and International Cooperation department has the following main functions:
- Provides assistance to investors in Plovdiv Municipality – in administrative regimes and working with institutions.
- Supports sectoral registers and comprehensive information on the opportunities for investment and business in Plovdiv Municipality.
- Works to create public-private partnerships.
- Establishes contacts with other municipalities and international organizations for joint project participation.
- Organizes the implementation of policy of Plovdiv in the field of European integration and international cooperation;
- Organizes the preparation, development and presentation of municipal projects for financing under national and operational programs, community programs, international organizations and financial institutions, in cooperation with the specialized municipal administration and units of regional administrations;
- Organizes coordination in the management and implementation of projects and programs in which the municipality is a party;
- Monitors and disseminates information on the possibilities for applying for project proposals under national, operational, European and other international grant programs;
- Organizes and participates in the realization of contacts of the Municipality of Plovdiv with representatives of EU institutions and international institutions in order to study the possibilities for financing of investment projects;
- Participates in the implementation of the municipality’s relations with similar municipalities from other countries in order to cooperate and exchange good practices;
- Assists in attracting external investors and their involvement in the implementation of the Plan;


Telephone number
Plamena Terzieva
Head of department
Galena Bosnova
Chief Expert
Zoya Petrusheva
Chief Expert
Nikola Lemberov
Chief Expert
Valeria Toncheva
Senior Expert
Tanya Slavova
Senior Expert
Maria Koserova
Junior Expert
Mariana Kehayova-Kuleva
Chief Legal Adviser

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