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“Municipal Property” Directorate

“Municipal Properties and Policy” Department
“Managing and Disposal” Department
“Legal Services of the Municipal Property” Department

Director: Miroslava Sukareva
Contacts: +359 32/ 656 496
E-mail: [email protected]

“Municipal Property” Directorate has the following functions:

1.Seeks, examines and assembles documents proving the ownership to the Plovdiv Municipality
2. Keep up to date the main register, the records and the auxiliary registers for the Municipal Property;
3. In accordance with the Municipal Council Order under art. 8, par. 2, prepares contracts concerning the acquisition, management and disposal of municipal property;
4. Provides legal assistance and consults the normative acts with the staff of the deputy mayor of municipal property;
5. Performs litigation in front of all the judicial authorities, and others, in connection with the deeds and proceedings concerning the Estates owned by the Municipal property and provides effective legal protection of the interests of the Plovdiv Municipality as owner;
6. Prepares proposals to the mayor of the Plovdiv Municipality and municipal council to change the status of municipal properties;
7. Organizes, coordinates and controls the implementation of the residential policy of the Plovdiv Municipality;
8. Organizes and conducts the procedures for granting concessions for municipal sites, properties and activities;
9. Prepare monthly reports for the regularity of payments on the municipal property leases prepared by the Directorate, as well as information on the overdue payments;
10. Organizes and conducts the procedures for renting and setting up a consideration for the right to use on municipal properties;

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