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“Local Taxes and Fees” Directorate

“Services” Department
“Revenues” Department
“Collection and Control” Department

Director: Tzveta Popova
Contacts: +359 32/ 276 904;
E-mail: [email protected]

+359 32/ 276 903 – Nadezhda Raycheva;
E-mail: [email protected]

+359 32/ 276 902 – Anelia Kurteva;
E-mail: [email protected]

Local Taxes and Fees” Directorate has the following functions:

1. Implements the full administration of local taxes and municipal waste tax, fines and pecuniary penalties;
2. Arrange for the preparation and transmission of the messages to the obliged persons for the sums due;
3. Conducts the collection of overdue debts
4. Interacting with other bodies of the municipality and external organizations to ensure their control functions;
5. Assists the Directorate for Financial Policy in compiling the budget of the municipality by carrying out an analysis and preparing a forecast;
6. Prepares proposals for changes in the Ordinance for the Determination and administration of local fees and prices of services on the territory of the Plovdiv Municipality and in the Ordinance for determining the amount of local taxes on the territory of the Plovdiv Municipality;

“Services” Department
Head of Department: Nadezhda Spasova Raycheva

“Services” Department has the following functions:

1. Accepts tax returns on LTFL, declarations for municipal waste and prepares reports for incorrectly submitted declarations;
2. It shall process, verify and determine the amount of taxes and the municipal waste tax for taxable persons;
3. Issue certificates of tax assessments, accepts requests for issuance of documents under the LTFL;
4. Assists taxpayers in the application of the regulatory provisions;
5. Compiles and gives acts for the establishment of administrative offences as well as issued PR;
6. Carry out checks and prepare replies to written enquiries from obliged persons and external institutions;
7. Carry out on-site verification of sites in relation to the proper taxation of LTFL;
8. Supervise the enforcement of legislation and other normative documents by carrying out audits, inspections and actions to collect overdue debts;
9. Carry out checks on compliance with local tax legislation and municipal waste and other normative documents.

“Revenues” Department
Head of Department: Yulia Nikolova Malinova

“Revenues” Department has the following functions:

1. Carries out the collection and reporting of local taxes and municipal waste, fees for administrative services and fines administered by the Directorate for local taxes by cashing, accounting for obligations and payments of the population and enterprises, maintains and equals batches of pay and payment type;
2. Post-audit Acts, acts of establishment of obligations, instruments of offsetting and return (APT), penal decrees on LTFL, decisions and other documents giving rise to obligations;
3. Maintain the actuality of the tax account.

“Collection and Control” Department
Head of Department: Anelia Stefanova Kurteva

“Collection and Control” Department has the following functions:

1. Verification and issuance of an act for establishing obligations under declarations – art. 107, para. 3);
2. Verification and issuance of the act of offsetting and return at the request of tax refund;
3. On-the-spot verification of the subject of taxation and issuance of a protocol in respect of compliance with legislation;
4. Inspection and issuance of the order of the mayor of the municipality;
5. Execution of tax audits;
6. Preparation of executive cases and their submission;
7. Compiles and give acts for the establishment of administrative infringements;
8. Acceptance, verification and processing of tax returns under the LTFA;

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