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“Legal Services” Directorate

Director: Kameliya Kendova
Contacts: +359 32/ 656 894; 656 735;
Е-mail: [email protected]

“Legal Services” Directorate has the following functions:

1. To provide in legal and normative terms, the activity of the mayor of the municipality;
2. To prepare and participates in the development and writing of normative acts, general and individual administrative acts;
3. To give opinion on the application of the laws and regulations in the activities of the municipal administration;
4. To give opinion on the legality of the individual administrative acts of the mayor of Plovdiv Municipality by reconciling them, and in case of disagreement, the reasoned opinion applies;
5. To give opinion on the legality of the normative acts and decisions of the Municipal Council;
6. Agrees with the legality of all contracts on which the Mayor of the Municipality is contractor, prepared by the structural units of the Plovdiv Municipality, and in case of disagreement applies a written opinion to the contract;
7. It is involved with the other departments in the modification and termination of contracts;
8. Agrees on legality or gives an opinion on the legality of civil and employment contracts concluded in the administration, as well as other acts relating to the occurrence, amendment and termination of work and employment relationships with the employees;
9. Assist and provide with legal means the timely collection of debts of the municipality;
10. Renders legal assistance to the mayor of the municipality in the exercise of his powers in relation to the activities of the secondary distributers;
11. Gives opinion on complaints, signals and proposals, payment of debts in execution cases, examines and prepares letters on behalf of the mayor of the municipality on the occasion of complaints and requests of citizens;
12. Assists in improving the efficiency of business and other activities in the municipality by participating with representatives in all competitions and auctions held by the Municipality of Plovdiv and in the commissions on public procurement procedures;
13. Participates with its representatives in the work of committees, which by law requires the participation of a lawyer, as well as in commissions appointed by the mayor of the municipality and in committees of other departments, as a representative of the municipality;
14. Coordinate acts for the establishment of administrative offences, acts and penal decrees issued by the mayor of the municipality or authorized by him/her officials, prepared and agreed beforehand by the directors and lawyers of the directorates in the related administration of the municipality;
15. Performs legal representation of the mayor and the municipality before judicial, arbitral and administrative authorities;
16. Provides incoming and outgoing correspondence in court cases, analyses and summarizes the results of the judicial and others. and provides effective legal protection for the interests of the Municipality of Plovdiv;
17. Gives mandatory instructions to the employees of the Municipality of Plovdiv and the district administrations for the application of normative and regulatory acts.

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