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“Accounting” Directorate

“Financial and Accounting Activities” Department
“Methodology, Control and Information” Department

Director: Elena Dimitrova
Contacts: 032/ 656 778; 656 706
e-mail: [email protected]

“Accounting” Directorate has the following functions:

1. Organizes, manages, coordinates and implements the overall accounting records of the municipality of Plovdiv;
2. Assists the mayor of the municipality for the correct and legal use of financial resources, the protection of municipal property and the prevention of waste and misuse of cash and commodity material values;
3. Performs methodological guidance of the secondary distributers to the mayor of the municipality for the implementation of the Accountancy Act and the relevant normative acts

“Financial and Accounting Activities” Department
Head of Department: Borislava Angelova Beleva

“Financial and Accounting Activities” Department has the following functions:

1. Organizes and implements the financial and accounting activities of the municipality of Plovdiv in accordance with the Accountancy Act, the current normative regulation in the budget and the developed individual model of accounting policy;
2. Carries out accounting for the revenue and expenditure of the budget of the municipality of Plovdiv and prepares the report for its cash operation;
3. Prepare, pay and control the proper charging of the salaries of the employees in the municipal administration, municipal council and civil contracts.
4. Fund raising and spending
5. Observes and performs ongoing and post-control on the legal preparation, processing and storage of the accounting documents;
6. Prepare and summarize and submit the VAT records to all distributers and municipal administration;
7.Participates in the preparation and implementation of the annual inventories and prepares a report on the status of assets and liabilities to the management of the Plovdiv Municipality;
8. Ensures the preservation and use of the accounting documentation according to the requirements of the Accountancy Act;

“Methodology, Control and Information” Department
Head of Department: Ana Kirilova Valkanova

“Methodology, Control and Information” Department has the following functions:

1. Summarizes the overall accountancy data from all the departments of the Plovdiv Municipality and prepares the monthly and quarterly cash reports and the annual financial report;
2. It shall carry out methodological guidance of the lower-level distributers in the framework of the primary distributers, in keeping the current accounting records, the preparation of trial registers, balances, cash reports and out of budget accounts and funds;
3. Keep a register of the contracts concluded by the Plovdiv Municipality, take the necessary action to prevent and eliminate risk factors in accounting activities;
4. Summarizes the information, submitted in a personal register

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