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Financial Policy” Directorate

“Budget and Finance Analysis” Department
“Forecasts, Analysis and Technical Implementation” Department

Director: Viktoria Chavdarova
E-mail: [email protected]

“Financial Policy” Directorate has the following functions:
1. Manages, coordinates and controls the overall financial activity of the municipality;
2. Writes budget forecasts for subsequent periods;
3. The staff of the Directorate shall participate in the preparation of opinions to the management of the municipality in financial matters, give an opinion on the proposals to the municipal council relating to the revenue and expenditure of the budget;
4. Prepare a project for a total budget of the municipality of Plovdiv in the form and breakdown defined by law according to the single budget classification, which is considered and accepted by the municipal Council – Plovdiv. The Directorate shall ensure its implementation during the year;
5. Submits to the Ministry of Finance and TU of the Court of Auditors a budget with a quarterly allocation for the year concerned;
6. Together with the Accountancy Directorate, prepare and submit to the Court of Auditors and at the Ministry of Finance, periodical and annual report on the implementation of the municipal budget;
7. Analyze the spending of the funds from the “Payroll” Fund and make appropriate proposals;
8. Organize, distribute, analyze and finance through the budget the maintenance of the municipal administration and the secondary distributers of the mayor of the municipality, as well as the limit of costs between distributing officers;

“Budget and Finance Analysis” Department
“Budget and Finance Analysis” Department has the following functions:

1. Carry out adjustments under the Municipal Budgets Act, as well as a budget update if necessary;
2. Participates in the preparation and aggregation of data related to the credit rating of the municipality of Plovdiv for the relevant year;
3. It shall work in close liaison with the secondary distributers summarizing the information provided by them and providing methodological assistance;
4. Communicates with the Directorate “Local Taxes and Fees” in the development of the revenue side of the budget, uses information on the current performance of revenues;
5. Participates in the preparation of proposals to the municipal council for changes in the Ordinance for the designation and administration of local fees and prices of services on the territory of the municipality of Plovdiv;
6. Together with the Directorate for Local Taxes and the Directorate for Ecology and Management of waste, prepares a proposal to the municipal council for the determination of the fee for municipal waste
7. Contribute to the preparation of plan-accounts and calculations of costs in determining the amount of local fees and prices of services provided by the municipality;
8. Provides periodically to the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria unified information about the implementation of the municipal budget in order to defend the interests of the municipalities in the negotiations with MF and other ministries and departments;
9.Deliver opinions and responds in the current of letters and inquiries related to the budgetary process.
10. Arrange for the charging and payment by the state of the alimony;

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