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Business Development and European Policies Directorate

The main functions of the Business Development and European Policies Department are:

  1. Performs operational work, exploration of opportunities and coordination for attracting foreign and Bulgarian investments in Plovdiv Municipality;
  2. Assists investors in Plovdiv Municipality – in administrative regimes and in working with other institutions;
  3.  Collects, processes, analyzes and stores information related to economic sectors and spheres, with macroeconomic indicators and statistics for the territory of Plovdiv Municipality. Providing business information to current and potential investors when needed;
  4.  Makes contact and provides direct assistance to the business representatives in the city of Plovdiv;
  5. Organizes national and international business forums, conferences, discussion meetings, roundtables in the city of Plovdiv with representatives of local and foreign companies and promotes the potential of Plovdiv for them, familiarizes the interested parties with the opportunities for cooperation;
  6. Coordinates and assist in the organization of meetings between the Municipality of Plovdiv and stakeholders – potential investors, representatives of already existing companies, representatives of educational institutions, branch associations, civic associations, youth organizations, NGO structures, etc.;
  7. Prepare documents, articles, studies, publications, reports, application forms in Bulgarian and/or foreign languages for the needs of the department;
  8. Participates in various forums and conferences in the country and abroad, in order to present the potential of the city of Plovdiv to chambers, business associations, consultants, investors from different economic sectors, trade and economic affairs services, international delegations, representatives of the diplomatic corps, government, twin cities, foreign journalists, and more.
  9. Organizes the implementation of the policy of the Municipality of Plovdiv in the field of European policies;
  10. Organizes the preparation, development and submission of municipal projects for financing under national and operational programs, community programs, international organizations and financial institutions, in cooperation with the units of the specialized municipal administration and the regional administrations;
  11. Organizes the coordination in the management and implementation of projects and programs in which the Municipality is an active party, providing methodological assistance and control to the units for implementation of projects;
  12. Monitors and disseminates information about the opportunities for applying with project proposals under the national, operational, European and other international grant programs;
  13. Organizes and coordinates the activities related to ensuring publicity and direct opportunities for applying for programs;
  14. Provides public information on the funds received from the European Union and the international financial institutions for all projects;
  15. Organizes and participates in contacting the Municipality of Plovdiv with representatives of institutions of the European Union and international banking institutions in order to research possibilities for financing investment projects;
  16. Participates in the implementation of the relations of the Municipality with similar municipalities from other countries for the purpose of cooperation and exchange of good case practices;
  17. Provides expert assistance to the other units in the Municipality in developing projects with European, international and national funding;
  18. Participates in the organizational processes related to the programming of the strategic policies of the Municipality of Plovdiv for the period 2021-2027;
  19. Establishes contacts with representatives of European Union institutions, international banking institutions and other municipalities in Bulgaria and Europe in order to explore opportunities for cooperation, develop joint projects and exchange good practices. Identifies and attracts partners and partner organizations for projects;
  20. Participates in the development of regional projects and public-private partnerships;


Business Development and European Policies




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Plamena Terzieva Head of Department IV – 56

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Mariyana Kehayova – Kuleva Legal advisor IV – 57

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Valeria Toncheva Ch. Expert IV – 53

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Gabriela Radeva Ch. expert IV – 57

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Nina Chernicherska Ch. expert IV – 53

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Maria Stefanova Senior expert IV – 53

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