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ME “Zoo park Plovdiv”

Address: Plovdiv, Str.“Yasna Polyana”

email: zooparkplovdiv@gmail.com

ME “Zoo park Plovdiv” has the following functions:
1.Appropriate living conditions for the animals in the zoo, by achieving the optimum care for them, according the standards set;
2. Appropriate conditions for breeding of the animals;
3. Maintenance of the zoo – feeding the animals, cleaning the cages, maintaining and cleaning the territory of the zoo;
4. Preventive veterinary and medical care for the health condition of the animals in order to prevent diseases, distress and injury;
5. Treatment of sick animals;
6. Public education and informational campaigns, related to animals;
7.Marketing and informational campaigns of the zoo in order to popularize the same as attractive, interesting and pleasant place for the guests, as well as for the people of Plovdiv.
8.Implementation of other non-prohibited business activities related to the subject of activity of the enterprise.

The activity of the enterprise is coordinated and controlled by the mayor of the Plovdiv Municipality or by the deputy mayor appointed by him.

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