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ME “Public cleaning”

The municipal enterprise “Public cleaning”is established on the basis of Art. 52 and following of the Municipal Property Act and “Ordinance for Establishment, Management and Control over the Activities of Municipal Enterprises under Ch. VI of the PPL “adopted by Decision No. 242, taken with Protocol No. 13 of 25.06.2009. of the Municipal Council Plovdiv.
The management address of the Enterprise is: Plovdiv, Str. “Dame Gruev”.
Fax number: +359 32 / 675-810; +359 32 / 675-817;
E-mail: [email protected]

ME “Public cleaning”

The enterprise carries out its activity on the basis of the Rules for the Structure and Operation of the Municipal Enterprise ” Public cleaning ” to the Municipality of Plovdiv, adopted by decision No 305, taken with protocol No 22 of 03.08.2010 of the Municipal Council of Plovdiv and in accordance with the annual budget of the Municipality of Plovdiv budget funds for its maintenance.
The enterprise was established to provide waste management services and maintain cleanliness on the territory of Plovdiv Municipality.
The enterprise has the following activities:
- Collecting household, construction and hazardous waste and transporting it to landfills or other facilities and facilities for their disposal;
- Day-long winter maintenance services on the territory of the Municipality of Plovdiv, including winter duty and efficient work in winter conditions;
- Cleaning and washing of street lanes, squares, alleys, park and other areas of the settlements, intended for public use, including watering of the green areas, when needed;
- Cleaning waste disposed of in unauthorized places, liquidation of illegal landfills;
- Management of municipal property vessels for the storage of household and construction waste, including maintenance, repairs, cleaning and disinfection of household and construction waste storage tanks;
- Maintenance and operation of landfills and construction waste or other installations or facilities for disposal of household, construction and other wastes;
- Organizing the activity for the collection and storage of end-of-life vehicles and vehicles with animal traction on the temporary storage sites;
- Cleaning of canals and septic tanks;
- Carrying out activities with construction, communal and other equipment and mechanization for the needs of Plovdiv Municipality;
- Organization and control of detergents, waste disposal, winter cleaning etc. on the territory of Plovdiv Municipality
- Other activities related to the maintenance of the cleanliness and the infrastructure on the territory of the Municipality of Plovdiv and the areas for public use.

The activity of the Enterprise is coordinated and controlled by the Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality or a deputy mayor appointed by him according to the Municipal Property Act and the Ordinance for establishment, management and control over the activities of the municipal enterprises.

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