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ME “Disinfection Station”

Municipal Enterprise “Disinfection Station” was established by Decision No. 406, taken with Protocol No. 20 dated 05.11.2009 of the Municipal Council of Plovdiv, on the grounds of Art. 52 et seq. Of the Municipal Property Act and the Regulation for Creation, Management and Control on the activity of the municipal enterprises under Chapter VI of the Law on Public Works, adopted by Decision No. 242, with protocol No.13 of 25.06.2009 of the Municipal Council of Plovdiv.
The address of the Management of the Enterprise is: Plovdiv, Str. “Perushtitsa”.

Telephone number: +359 32 / 644-156, +359 32 / 642-583;
E-mail: [email protected]

The Municipal Enterprise has been established to protect human health and environment and against insects- mosquitos, ticks and flea’s trough disinfection and extermination.

The Enterprise has the following functions:

1.Disinfection of external areas;
2.Disinfection of enclosed premises;
3. Disinfestation against ticks and other insects and rodents;
4. Disinfestation against fleas on open areas;
5. Disinfestation against fleas in indoor areas;
6. Disinfestation against mosquito larvae in mosquito biotopes;
7. Extermination of rodents in sewer shafts;
8. Disinfestation against adult forms of mosquitoes;
9. Maintenance of lattice shafts;
10. Training for the use of chemicals against rodents of the employees of Plovdiv Municipality;
11. Sale of biocidal products for the needs of the population;
12. Consultations and meetings with citizens and clients;
13. Organizing and carrying out of monthly activities when needed infestations of insects or rodents occur.
The activity of the enterprise is coordinated and controlled by the mayor of the Municipality of Plovdiv or by the deputy mayor appointed by him.

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