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ME “Residential issues”

The Municipal Enterprise “Residential issues”- Plovdiv was established by Decision No. 212, taken with Protocol No. 14 dated 24.07.1997 of the Municipal Council – Plovdiv, on the grounds of Art. 52 and following of the Municipal Ownership Act and the Ordinance on Establishment, Management and Control over the Activity of Municipal Enterprises, adopted by Decision No 187 of the Municipal Council of Plovdiv, taken with Protocol No. 12 of 02.07.1997.

The address of the management of the Enterprise is: Plovdiv, Str.“Gevgeli” 32.
Telephone number: +359 32 / 69-51-17;
E-mail: [email protected]

The enterprise carries out its activity on the basis of Rules for the Structure and Operation of the Municipal Enterprise “Residential issues” Plovdiv.
The enterprise was created to manage and maintain a municipal buildings.
The enterprise has the following activities:
- Maintenance and maintenance of municipal dwellings;
- Renting of residential properties;
- Repair and maintenance of municipal residential, non-residential administrative
buildings and recreation facilities in the Municipality of Plovdiv;
- Emergency repairs of nurseries, kindergartens and schools;
- Organizes the implementation of repair and restoration activities at the expense of the tenants, in case of damages and damages caused by them;
- Organizes and controls the rental and initiates lawsuits (in person or by the proxy) against unsolicited tenants;

The activity of the Enterprise is coordinated and controlled by the Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality, or by a Deputy Mayor appointed by him.

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