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ME “Municipal Markets”

Address: Plovdiv, Str. “Angel Kanchev” № 3
email: [email protected]

Връзка към сайта: ME “Municipal Markets”
The Municipal Enterprise has the following functions:

1.Organization and maintenance of municipal markets for agricultural and industrial products on the territory of the Plovdiv Municipality;
2.Organizing and conducting a competition for renting of municipal property-private municipal property, connected with the activity of the municipal enterprise because of the written order of the mayor of the Plovdiv Municipality;
3.Services, transport activities, and all other economic activities which are not explicitly prohibited by law.

The municipal markets have a retail business with companies and products such as:
1.Acricultural companies with fresh products;
2. Honey and other bee products;
3. Olives, including their processed form;
4. Flowers, seed, spices, herbs and other goods for the agricultural production;
5. Nuts
6. Wild fruits, herbs and mushrooms;
7. Exotic plants;
8. Pottery products;

Commercial activity of the Municipal Market can be carried out by:
1.Traders within the meaning of article 1 of the Commercial Act;
2. Physical and legal persons registered as producers of agricultural production;
3. Registered craftsmen;

ME “Municipal Markets” provide:
1.Pavilions and facilities;
2. Parts of Municipal Property;
3. Special pavilions for trading;

The Municipal Enterprise is coordinated and controlled by the mayor of the Plovdiv Municipality, or by the Deputy Mayor appointed by him.

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