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ME “Parking and Repatriation”

Address: Str. “Hristo G. Danov” № 28
email: [email protected]

The Enterprise has the following functions:

Construction and maintenance of parking places and facilities, such as barriers, enclosures, information signs and others;

1.Monitoring, control, maintenance and charging of paid parking places, garages and areas;
2.Maintenance of parking places, garages and areas for paid parking, which are property of Plovdiv Municipality;
3. Coordinating and controlling the implementation and maintenance of vertical and horizontal road marking and other necessary legal means for effective parking organization;
4. Maintains constant communication and coordination with the public authorities, municipal structures and other units, relevant to the parking of a vehicle in Plovdiv Municipality;
5. Repatriation of incorrectly parked vehicles;
6. Charging of the drivers for the costs of removal, transportation and repatriation of the vehicle at prices determined by the Municipal Council – Plovdiv;
7. Blocking the wheels of improperly parked vehicles, whose drivers did not pay the fee for the parking place;
8. Unblocking the wheel of the vehicle at prices, determined by the Municipal Council – Plovdiv;
9. Compulsory removal of incorrectly parked vehicles with a specialized vehicle to designated facility;
10. Drivers pay for removal, transportation and repatriation at prices determined by the Municipal Council – Plovdiv;
11. Issue permits for preferential parking of residents in the scope of the “Blue zone” and keeps a register;
12. Blocking the wheels of improperly parked vehicles with technical means for it;

The activity of the enterprise is coordinated and controlled by the mayor of the Plovdiv Municipality or by the deputy mayor appointed by him;

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