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ME ” Organization and Control of Transport “

The Municipal Enterprise “Organization and Control of Transport” was established by Decision No. 212, taken by Protocol No. 14 dated 24.07.1997 of the Municipal Council of Plovdiv, on the grounds of Art. 52 and following of the Municipal Ownership Act and the Ordinance on Establishment, Management and Control over the Activity of Municipal Enterprises, adopted by Decision No. 187 of the Municipal Council of Plovdiv, taken with Protocol No 12 of 02.07.1997.
The address of the management of the Enterprise is: Plovdiv, Blvd. “6th September” 274.
Telephone number: +359 32 / 622-707; +359 32 / 628-701;
E-mail: [email protected]

The enterprise carries out its activity on the basis of the Rules for the Structure and Operation of the Municipal Enterprise “Organization and Control of Transport” to the Municipality of Plovdiv, adopted by Decision No 406, taken with Protocol No. 19 of 25.10.2006 of the Municipal Council of Plovdiv and in accordance with the budget allocated to the budget of the Municipality of Plovdiv for its maintenance.

The Enterprise has the following activities:
- Organizes the relations of the Municipality of Plovdiv with the state administrative bodies in the field of transport;
- Organizes relations with the companies carrying out transport activities on the territory of the Municipality;
- Participates in the creation of a concept for the transport services of Plovdiv;
- Participates in committees on solving transport and communication problems;
- Adopts monthly reports of transport companies that have contracts for servicing lines from the municipal transport scheme;
- Adopts monthly reports of the transport companies performing intra-city transport on the territory of the Municipality of Plovdiv, in compliance with the Ordinance on the conditions and procedure for subsidizing the transport activity;
- Performs GPS control and physical control for the execution of the courses and schedules by the individual carriers, according to the approved transport scheme for Plovdiv;
- Verifies and certifies the primary documents of the transport companies for intra-urban transport, certifying the mileage;
- Participates, together with transport companies, in developing a methodology defining the criteria for allocation of subsidies and competences for domestic transport;
- Distributes the funds provided by the Republican and municipal budgets for subsidies and compensations between the carriers according to the adopted methodology;
- Organizes the issuing of permits for the taxi activities;
- Construction and maintenance of traffic lights;
- Establishment and maintenance of the vertical signaling of the street network with road signs and other means of signaling;
- Horizontal marking;
- Performs in the framework of design studies for the organization of the movement: main streets, boulevards and intersections on the territory of Plovdiv municipality;
- Coordinates projects for the execution of construction works on the roadway, for the construction of vertical and horizontal signaling and traffic lights;
- Issues permits: for carrying out construction works; for loading of retail outlets;

The activity of the Enterprise is coordinated and controlled by the Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality, or a Deputy Mayor appointed by him.

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