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ME “Wedding activities”

The Municipal Enterprise “Wedding activities”is established on the grounds of Art. 52 and following of the Municipal Property Act and the “Ordinance for Establishment, Management and Control over the Activities of Municipal Enterprises under Ch. VI of the Municipal Property Act “, adopted by Decision No 77 of the Municipal Council of Plovdiv, taken with Protocol No. 9 of 21.04.2005.

The address of the management of the Enterprise is: Plovdiv, Str. “Hristo G. Danov” 34
Telephone number: +359 32 / 631-149; +359 879 549 630;
E-mail: [email protected]

The enterprise carries out its activity on the basis of adopted Rules for the Structure and Operation of the Municipal Enterprise “Joyful Rites”, adopted by Resolution 341, taken with Protocol No. 14 of 02.08.2007 of the Municipality of Plovdiv Council and in accordance with the provisions of the annual Budget of the Municipality of Plovdiv budget funds for its maintenance.
The enterprise was created with the purpose of providing administrative services to the population, meeting the public needs related to organizing and carrying out official family rituals, civil marriages, naming a newborn, as well as providing the necessary services and requisites for them.
The enterprise has as its object:
- Preparation, organization and performance of official family and public holidays and celebrations – civil marriage, solemn announcement of a child name, golden and silver weddings, as well as providing the necessary services and requisites for them.
- Maintenance and maintenance of the ritual halls, as well as the equipment in them.
- Providing photographic services, musical accompaniment for wedding receptions and sound synchronization of the halls for the rituals.
The activity of the Enterprise is coordinated and controlled by the Mayor of the Municipality of Plovdiv, or a Deputy Mayor appointed by him, in accordance with the Ordinance of the Law for Public Property, Ordinance of the creation, management and control of the activities of municipal enterprises.

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