Plovdiv – Belintash

Belintash - an ancient Thracian sanctuary without precedent in our land, 50 km south of Plovdiv. On the road to Asenovgrad – Kardjali in the Red village deviate right path that continues south through the villages of Gornoslav and Oreshets. In the village of Mostove junction continue straight towards the village of Three mogili, pass through the village Vrata, in the land which is located Belintash - unique clifftop 1225 m asl. It is located on the sanctuary. At the foot of the cliff is indispensable source and near the rocks found in an unique silver votive plaque of Sabazius Thracian deity, god of fertility, according to the ancient cult of the Thracians. Of 4-5 km from the sanctuary are located tourist complex  Old houses and holiday village Sabaziy. Nearby are also a series of temple buildings and shrines, the most significant of which is that the village Muldava. Their presence speaks extremely well-developed ancient civilization – the oldest in Europe.

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