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Plovdiv – The Dobrostanski caves

The Dobrostanski cave region is the largest in the Western Rhodopes. Therefore, if you are looking for fantastic shapes of karsts caves, you have come to the right place. The cave is known as Ahmetyova hole and it is located on the right bank of Sushitsa River, near Dobrostan village, 2 km away from the Martsiganitsa chalet.  Beautiful cave formations complement the landscape and between them are located sinter lakes; some people say that there are cave pearls in them. The cave is easily accessible, with metal pillars at the entrance, which does not require help of ropes.

The “Topchika” cave is nearby as well, with its 727 m length and 61 m depth, it is a challenge for proponents of tourism.

To get there, you need to start from Plovdiv towards Asenovgrad, in the direction of Kardzhali and to take the right turnoff to Gornoslav. Then travel to Oreshets.

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