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Plovdiv – Valley of Roses

About 60 km north of Plovdiv, between forest and Central Stara Planina lies the Valley of Roses - the realm of Bulgarian rose oil,which is produced by acclaimed for its exceptional quality rose oil - a key ingredient in the global fragrance and cosmetic industry.

Karlovo is located in the Valley of Roses and is the birthplace of the Apostle offreedom Vasil Levski. The townhas existed since the beginning of Ottoman rule. In the XIXcentury is experiencingeconomic growth and cultural progress. The production oflocal craftsmen sell in Egypt, Romania, Austria. Thiscontinues until the Russo-Turkish War.

The historical museum is in a building - an architectural monument from 1871. Museum is the home of Vasil Levski. The city has a monument. The yard is the grave of the mother of the Apostle. Church ”St. Nicholas’next to the monument. The church ”Virgin Mary” appears far from the ordination of a deacon Vasil Levski. The belfry was built in 1897

Karlovo is the birthplace of famous Bulgarian National Revival, and Hristo Prodanov - the first Bulgarianconquered Everest. About a kilometer from the city is located 15 meter waterfall Charles. Domlyan Dam - 15 km. the city is a great place for hiking and camping.

Sopot is the birthplace of Ivan Vazov, Patriarch of Bulgarian literature. During the Renaissance named Altun Sopot (Golden Sopot) - an important craft and trade center. Completely burned during the Apriluprising and war of liberation. The birthplace of Ivan Vazov was built in XVІІІ century, during the Russo-Turkish War the house was burned. In 1935 it was completelyrebuilt under the guidance of the Director of the Ethnographic Museum in Sofia. In one of the rooms was restored barbershop Hadji Achilleswith colorful characters of the story ”Hadji Achilles’ novel and” Uncles”. Nearby are the remains of Anevsko Kale Bulgarian fortress of XII century. Sopot is a point to Troyan. Lift for 30 minutes reaches 1600 meters. Upper station hut Ave. The interim is in place Pochivaloto (1350 m) - a place for delta and para-planeristi. Marked hiking trails lead from Sopot to the chalets Ave and good tipsAmbaritsa and Botev.

Kalofer is situated on the river Tunja, in the Valley of Roses. Above the town stands Mount - Botev Stara Planina. The town is located 75 km from Plovdiv. Here is a born genius Bulgarian poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev.

Attractions is a school which taught Hristo Botev’s father - now a museum of education. Interesting are the church ”St. Mary “and” St.Atanas ”stone bridge over the Tunja, revival houses, factories rose oiland others.

6 km from the town recreational facility, “White River” and incrediblybeautiful canyon ”Djendem South”, declared a nature reserve. Entering it is possible only with mountaineerequipment. At about 4:00 is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria - Praskaloto (124 meters) - the starting point forroutes to the Balkan Mountains and Mount Botev.

Kazanlak is situated at the foot of Stara Planina, in the valley of the river Tunja. The first settlement occurred in the Neolithic – VI millennium BC. In the IV-III century BC. here is the kingdom of the Thracian ruler Seuthes III. During the construction of the dam was excavated Koprinka Sevtopolis Thracian town. Seuthopolis is a big city, which develop over 50 craft, which include the rose production.Brought from India via Persia, rose oil is favorable conditions – temperature, humidity and soil. In 1820 in Kazanlak rozotargovska into the first house. Since the nineteenth century became the center of Kazanlak Bulgarian rose. In 1836 is created the first cultural center.The city is also known as city of the 100 artists and dozens of artists.

Nature creates perfect conditions for recreation and sport. In the Balkan Mountains and the surrounding area are built many tourist sites. There are good conditions for cycling, orienteering, mountaineering, climbing, skiing and more. The city is the starting point for many tourist routes to the highest peak in Central Gora – Bogdan (1604 m) and the Balkan Mountains.

In honor of the queen of flowers for over 100 years in the first week of June takes place the Rose Festival.The program includes the crowning of Rose Queen, picking rituals, rose and marched in the streets. Parallel conduct International Folklore Festival.

In Kazanlashkiya near many ancient Thracian monuments, the area is known as the Valley of Thracian Kings.Here was located the capital of Seuthes III – Seuthopolis Kazanlak tomb mounds Kosmatka saint Ostrusha, Shoushmanets, griffins, and other Helvetia without analogues in the ancient building practice.

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