Plovdiv – Pamporovo

42 km from Plovdiv and 15 km from Troyan Monastery The road to Smolyan, is Narechen - spa resort, which treat many diseases – nervous, etc. endokrinnoobmenni. Mineral water has a temperature from 20.5 to 31.2 degrees Celsius, with high radioactivity of up to 130 Heman. The resort offers balneotherapy, holiday homes, hotels, rooms and an outdoor swimming pool with mineral water.

Wonderful Bridges

About 26 km of the bathrooms is natural rock bridges or phenomenon also known as the Miracle Bridges – impressive natural rock formations, like bridges. The first bridge is a huge hole in the vault height of 45 meters and 35 meters wide, the second bridge is 30 meters high and is more narrow. Nearby there are chalet bungalows and a restaurant.


70 km from Plovdiv Chepelare is located – the city with the highest altitude in Bulgaria – 1100 meters. In recent years it has become one of the leading ski resorts in Bulgaria, has many hotels, rest houses and beautiful villas. Here is the only museum in Bulgaria of Speleology.


Pamporovo is situated inside the Rhodope Mountains at 1650 m altitude at the foot of Mount Snow (1926 m). Located 85 km south of Plovdiv, 15 km north of Smolyan and 10 km south of Chepelare. The climate in the region of Pamporovo is characterized by mild winters.The resort is ranked first on sunny days in all mountain resorts in Bulgaria. The average annual temperature is 5.5 ° C. At Mount Snow has built a television tower with a panoramic restaurant, which in clear weather to see the borders of Greece. Pamporovo is the main tourist flow during the winter months because the resort is designed primarily for skiing. Almost all ski slopes in the resort start at Mount Snow, their altitude of 1926 m to 1400 m. The tourist season starts in December and lasts until the end of April. Because of the beautiful scenery, the resort is visited by many tourists during the summer months. Pamporovo offers excellent conditions for mountain biking, to walking tours, sport fishing and the Rhodope region is a real discovery for fans herbs and mushrooms. The resort has over 20 hotels, villas and holiday homes.

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