The distance from Plovdiv to Perperikon is 98 km.

Perperikon is an archaeological complex which covers an area of ​​about 12,000 square meters and here you can explore the remains of different ages and cultures. The complex is located 15 km from Kardzhali and is located 470 m high rocky peak in the Eastern Rhodopes.

Perperikon archaeological complex includes four main parts.Megalithic sanctuary of the IV-V century BC, which is believed to be the famous sanctuary of Dionysus. On this sacred ancient Thracians served food of the gods, and wine, which are poured on the altars, predicted the future is our future. Here you can see dozens of niches carved into the rocks and altars, and so. sharapani (wine press).

From the later period are built strong fortress walls and fences. Interestingly, all the walls have no bond and are intricately connected directly to the solid rock. Established in the period when, according to experts Perperikon experienced its greatest prosperity along with Troy and Mycenae.

The interior of the Acropolis is lined with residential buildings and temples, as it is interesting that the ground floors of dwellings are carved directly into the rocks. There are preserved streets, sewers, and specially cut flaps of rainwater.

To enter the palace-sanctuary, must go through two gates, which have kept him from enemy attack. The palace itself has a unique architecture and its interior have been found more than 50 rooms and halls.

Excavations and findings in Perperiokon continue every summer.

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