Plovdiv – Hisarya

Town of Hissarya is situated in a small valley about 45 km from Plovdiv. The combination of excellent climate, thermal field with 22 mineral springs, cultural and historical heritage of the city and the region became a kind of attraction for tourism and treatment. From antiquity to the present day life around the mineral springs is not interrupted. The healing waters are the reason to give up their meeting different peoples and civilizations that have left valuable specimens of their material and spiritual culture.

The first data date from Hissar IV-III century BC. Zenith reaches settlement in Romans conquered the city in I c. According to legend the city was then called Augusta – a city of emperors. After the devastation of the city by the Goths, the city was rebuilt by the Roman Emperor Diocletian (end of III century and the beginning of IV century, settled here because of the precious mineral waters. On behalf of the town was called Diocletianopolis. The undisputed fact is that most impressive examples of ancient culture in Hissar is precisely from this period. preserved part of the fortress wall, 2315 m long, with four entrances, known as the southern gate is called “camels” – the main gate to Trimontium (Plovdiv) baths, amphitheater of the IV century, with an area of ​​765 sq. arena, late-Roman buildings, early Christian basilicas, tombs and necropolis.

Hisar Today with over 20 hotels and balneotherapy with 3800 beds and over 8200 beds pansionatni is one of the largest spa resorts in the country each year and the rest treated thousands of tourists.

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