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Elections for Members of the European Parliament 2019




Call for consultations on the formation of the Polling Stations Commisions


Order, specifying locations for campaign materials

1. Until 11.05.2019 voters with permanent disabilities, which do not allow them to execute their electoral rights in the due electoral premises and who willing to vote in a mobile ballot box may declare it in written form by applying to the district administration, signed by them via letter, fax or e-mail: info@plovdiv.bg , including a copy of a document from Work Capability Assessment Commission – (art. 37, para 1 of the Electoral Code).
2. Until 11.05.2019 (Article 34, paragraph 3 of the Electoral Code), the candidates for the European Parliament from the Republic of Bulgaria, the members of the Central Electoral Commission, the members of the district electoral commission and the observers may submit applications to the district administration for the issuance of a voting certificate elsewhere.
3. A voter whose current address is in the city of Plovdiv and the permanent address is in another settlement may submit a request for voting at current address (Article 36, paragraph 1 of the Electoral Code) until 11.05.2019 in the district administration at his/her current address.
4. Any voter may submit an application for corrections of incompleteness and errors in the voter lists (Article 43, paragraph 2 of the Electoral Code) until May 18, 2019, to the Mayor of the municipality or district mayor.
5. References to the electoral rolls by a personal identification number can be found on the website of Plovdiv Municipality www.plovdiv.bg/categoryelections2019, as well as on the premises in the district administrations of the municipality of Plovdiv.
Municipal administration

In connection with the forthcoming elections for members of the European Parliament from the Republic of Bulgaria on 26.05.2019 and in connection with Art. 91 of the Electoral Code, Decision No. 96-EP / 08.04.2019 of the Central Electoral Commission and Decision No. 31-EP / 03.05.2019 of Regional Electoral Commission 16 Plovdiv-city

the mayor of Plovdiv municipality addresses to the political parties and coalitions represented in the 44th National Assembly and to the leadership of the parties and coalitions who have their candidates list of members of the European Parliament, but are not represented in the parliament
an invitation to participate in consultations for the formation of the composition of the mobile polling commissions on the territory of the municipality of Plovdiv.
The consultations will be held on 07.05.2019 (Tuesday) at 11.00 am in the premises of Plovdiv Municipality, 1 “Stefan Stambolov” Square, Meeting Room – 2nd floor.
In consultations, parties and coalitions should present:
1. Written proposal for a composition of the Mobile polling commissions, containing:
- the name of the party or coalition making the proposal;
- the names and the personal identification numbers of the proposed persons;
- the position in the commission for which they are offered;
- education, specialty;
- a telephone number of the person proposed;
2. Power of attorney from the persons representing the respective party or coalition in cases where authorized persons (original or certified copy) will participate in the consultation;
3. Written proposal for reserve members, containing the data referred to in item 1.

Verification via personal identification number

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