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Director of Department “Social policy” is Veselina Boteva

Contacts: 27А, “Kniaz Alexander I Batenberg” str.
Tel: 032 / 623 714
E-mail:  [email protected]

The “Social Policy” Directorate is part of the specialized administration of the Plovdiv Municipality. The work of the Directorate is related to the formation and implementation of the social policy of the Plovdiv Municipality in accordance with the management program and adopted strategies. Develops and conducts or coordinates social policy events of the municipality of Plovdiv in accordance with the legal provisions, by supporting and assisting socially disadvantaged people.
1. Coordinates the municipal policy in the area of integration of people with disabilities;
2. Analyze demographic problems and propose solutions to overcome negative trends;
3. Coordinates the joint activities with non-profit organizations;
4. Operational management of the activities of the social services provided in the community;
5. Manages, coordinates and controls the implementation of the municipal social programs and strategies;

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