Youth activities

Plovdiv Program for Young People

Youth Forum for Partnership with Local Government – Plovdiv /YFPLG/
Competition “Best Young Entrepreneur of Plovdiv”

The main mission of Youth Activities in the Sport and Youth Activities Directorate is to act as the main link between youth organizations in the city, to promote, direct and coordinate their initiatives and to accumulate new ideas.
The efforts of experts in the different directions have been combined to achieve effective cooperation. They organize and develop joint activities with non-governmental organizations, institutions and youth unions. The Directorate conducts a youth policy and implements activities set out in the European Charter for the Participation of Young People in the life of Municipalities. These activities are related to acquaintance, activation and support of the activities of the youth organizations in Plovdiv, as well as their reunification in the Youth Forum for Partnership with the Local Government – a structure that will partner with the local authorities in conducting an effective youth policy.
The “Sports and Youth Activities” Directorate is located on Rowing Canal – Final Complex, floor -2.
Phone number – +359 32/276 986
Email address: [email protected]
Information from the Directorate on the inclusion of young people in organized events can be obtained, as well as their opinion on the organization of such events.
There is also information on the use of municipal sports facilities for various sports.

Children’s Railroad “Flag of Peace” / Youth Hill /
Working time:
Winter working hours – 16 October to 31 March incl.
From Wednesday to Sunday inclusive – 08:45 to 17:15
Lunch break: 13:00 to 13:45
Rest day: Monday and Tuesday
Summer working hours – 01 April to 15 October incl.
From Wednesday to Sunday inclusive – 09:30 to 18:15
Lunch break: 13:15 until 14:00
Rest day: Monday and Tuesday
Schedules for train departures from Pioneer Station for Winter working hours from 16 October to 31 March incl.
10: 30h, 11: 30h, 12: 15h, 14: 30h, 15: 30h, 16: 30h.
Schedules for trains departing from Pioneer Station for Summer working hours from 01 April to 15 October incl.
10: 30h, 11: 30h, 12: 15h, 15: 30h, 16: 30h, 17: 30h.
Working days: from Wednesday to Sunday incl.
Rest days: Monday and Tuesday
Duration of one lap – 25 minutes
Price for all ages – BGN 1.00
Children up to 10 years of age travel with a companion.

Reservations on the phone: +359 889 922 388 – cashier
Order 13OA757 / 29.03.2013. for working hours
Schedule of the children’s railway
Working time of the children’s train

Petar Zehtinski – Director of “Sports and Youth Activities” Directorate
Tel .: +359 32/276 981
Chief Experts:
Slavka Ivanova, Slavey Radev – +359 32 / 276-993;
Sonia Pionova – +359 32 / 276-989;
Petya Mincheva – +359 32 / 276-984
Diana Penkova – Chief Specialist
Tel .: +359 32/276 980

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