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“Environmental Protection” Directorate

Director: Vasilka Ivanova Chopkova
Contacts: +359 32/ 656 872;
Fax: +359 32/ 656 879;
E-mail: [email protected]

The policy of the Plovdiv Municipality on environmental management is implemented by the “Ecology and Waste Management” Directorate.
A number of activities are being implemented, which aim at preserving and maintaining the quality of the elements of the environment. Special attention is given for improving the quality and proportion of the green areas, maintaining the atmospheric air and water parameters in norms. There is serious work to be done for the conservation and restoration of biodiversity and our unique protected areas. Plovdiv Municipality has a lot of experience concerning waste management, separate collection and recycling.
It is a priority for Plovdiv Municipality to apply a complex of humane measures and a program for finding owners for homeless animals. The aim in this direction is to increase the quality of the breeding of domestic dogs, to reduce the risk of spread of viruses, to stimulate active civil participation in the solution of every problem in the transformation of Plovdiv into a safe, beautiful, comfortable, welcoming city.

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