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Project Name: BG05SFPR003-1.001-016-C02 A warm meal in Plovdiv

Project Name: BG05SFPR003-1.001-016-C02 A warm meal in Plovdiv

Funding programme/ institution:  Food and Basic Material Assistance Programme 2021 – 2027

Total value of the project:  BGN 4,815,360

Objectives and expected results:  Providing support to the most vulnerable groups of the population by providing hot lunch as a social service in the community. Capacity of the service – 2,000 persons on the territory of the city of Plovdiv from the eligible target groups:
1. persons and families without income or with a low income, elderly families of pensioners and pensioners living alone who have low income;
2. persons subject to social assistance who are unable to meet their basic life needs and for whom a need for additional support has been established;
3. persons with low incomes who, due to existing disabilities or health limitations, have difficulty or inability to care for themselves, including single persons with permanent disabilities with low personal income from a pension, for whom there is no suitable candidate for an assistant under the personal assistance mechanism;
4. persons who, due to accidental circumstances, are in a difficult and vulnerable situation and a need for this type of assistance has been established for them;
5. wandering and homeless persons;
6. persons from vulnerable groups – citizens of third countries, refugees.
In accordance with the Public Procurement Act, the hot lunch service is provided by two contractors. The service is available to users at 11 service points spread across the city of Plovdiv’s six administrative districts, in premises provided by the selected providers and meeting the terms and requirements of Food Law. The provision of aid in the form of food rations for the people in need includes soup, main course, bread, and dessert-once a week. The project implementation period is from 01.10.2022 – 17.05.2025. The grant value for the implementation of the planned activities is BGN 4 815 360.00, with co-financing from the Municipality of Plovdiv of 0.70 BNG per lunch.
At the moment, the full capacity of the service has not been reached, and the application process and enrolment of users belonging to the target groups described above are still in motion.
Information and publicity measures are underway for the project, guaranteeing maximum transparency and proper awareness among the target groups and interested parties.

Implementation:  01.10.2022 – 17.05.2025

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