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“Public security and Crisis Management” Department

Head of Department: Emil Dimitrov Valkov
Contacts: +359 32 656 716; +359 32 656 783; +359 32 656 890;
E-mail: [email protected]

“Public security and Crisis Management” Department has the following functions:

1.Assists the law enforcement authorities in the implementation of their powers to ensure the citizens are calm, coordinating the activities of public events, the protection of municipal property and the organization and coordination of security;
2. Prepares documents with a provisional and notifiable nature to conduct events under the law of the Assembly;
3. Provides operational coordination and conducting of mass events and organization of preventive activities on the territory of the municipality of Plovdiv;
4. Organizes the interaction between the police, the municipal administration and other public authorities involved in maintaining public security;
5. Process received signals, complaints, requests and suggestions from citizens and other bodies and organizations with respect to public security;
6. Receive, store, and analyze information from the competent authorities in order to reduce and prevent crime on the territory of the municipality of Plovdiv by minors and to establish strategies and carry out activities in this direction;
7. Prepare annual plans and strategies for the prevention of crime;
8. Make recommendations to competent authorities for the implementation of adequate measures for the prevention of crime;
9. Organizes planning, forecasting, preventive action, monitoring, early warning and disclosure, analysis and identification of response alternatives, population training for behavioral and crisis actions;
10. Anticipate the development and decision-making to overcome crises of all kinds;
11. Develop rules for creating the necessary knowledge, habits and skills for action in crisis situations by the municipal administration;
12. Assists GDPBZN if necessary for carrying out its activities;
13. Establishes organization and supervises the rules and norms for fire safety
14. Control over the installations and systems;
15. Keep a register with the volunteers from the municipality by preparing contracts with them, providing training from experts, providing the equipment for the volunteer, insuring the volunteer against an accident and providing the same for all insured social risks and to issue a volunteer card;
17. Prepare and annually update the plans for evacuation of personnel and residents in the buildings of the municipal administration in case of fire and accident;
18. Keeps a record of the stocks provided by individual remedies and be responsible for the preservation, renewal and maintenance of the same;
19. Participates in the preparation of the comprehensive documentation on the declaration of Distress by the mayor of the municipality;
20. Participate in the organization and provision of urgent assistance to those in need of the mayor of the municipality;
21. Elaborates a plan to bring the municipality from a peaceful to military stance and conduct training events in military time;
22. Develop a military interim plan of the municipality and update it periodically, in accordance with the methodology for military planning;
23. Maintains the stations for military management of the municipality in technical health;
24. Organizes the preparation of the managerial staff to bring the municipality from a peaceful to military stance;
25. Organizes a 24-hour duty to maintain the readiness of the municipality for disclosure when bringing the country from a peaceful to military stance;
26. Organizes and controls the execution of military tasks of enterprises and organizations with economic and non-economic activity;
27. Plans, organizes and implements the municipal participation in a doctrine of defensive and mobilization preparation;
28. Organizes the implementation and compliance with the requirements of the Law on Protection of classified information, organizes the carrying out of periodical checks on the accountability and movement of materials and documents containing classified information and timely declassification of materials with expired protection

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