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ME “Zoo veterinary complex”

Address: “Pazardzhishko shose”
email: [email protected]

The Municipal Enterprise has the following functions:

1.Catching of homeless dogs on the territory of the Plovdiv Municipality;
2. Catching of homeless dogs on the territory of other Municipalities;
3. Accommodation for homeless dogs in the special facilities;
4. Veterinary service for the animals;
5. Collection of carcasses of dead dogs and cats on the territory of Plovdiv Municipality;
6. Capturing of dogs at the request of their owners or at the request of factories, companies, hotels and others;
7. Cleaning and maintenance of cells for the animals;
8. Preventive veterinary care for the health condition of the animals in order to prevent diseases, distress and injury;
9. Treatment of sick animals;
10. Nutrition for the animals;

The Municipal Enterprise is coordinated and controlled by the mayor of the Plovdiv Municipality or by the deputy mayor appointed by him;

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