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1. Presentation of the structure
• Borislav Stamatov – Temporary executing the position of The Public mediator of Plovdiv Municipality
• Georgi Halachev – Chief expert
• Anelia Hadzhieva – Chief expert
2. What are the responsibilities of the institution?
In its activity, the Public Mediator is independent and is subject to the Constitution, the Bulgarian legislation and the ratified international treaties, guided by his personal conscience and morality, defending the rights and interests of the citizens, when they are affected by state and municipal authorities, as well as the persons entrusted with the provision of public services – Water Supply and Sewerage, Electricity Distribution, District Heating, BTC, healthcare, education, social assistance, trade activity, activities of security, traffic safety, construction, including illegal.
The public mediator provides equal opportunities for citizens to protect their rights and legitimate interests; It is fair to the complaining parties by informing them of their intentions and actions, listening to them and respecting their considerations and, if necessary, giving them opportunities to rethink their own positions.
At the explicite wish of the citizens, their names are kept confidential and other data of confidential nature.
A public mediator may:
• Provide mediation between local authorities and the local administration and the affected persons for the removal of violations committed;
• Make proposals and recommendations to remove the conditions that create preconditions for violations of citizens’ rights and freedoms;
• Notifies the national ombudsman if the case is beyond his/her competency;
• Notifies the authorities of the Ministry of Internal affairs or the prosecutor’s office if there is an evidence of a crime;
• Seek assistance from the media, governmental and civil organizations.
The public mediator is not concerned with:
• Citizens’ problems of private character;
• Issues in which a court case is pending or a court decision enforced;
• Anonymous complaints and alerts as well as violations committed more than two years ago;
• Protection of complainants in court.
The public mediator is elected for a period of 4 years with the possibility of a re-appointment and is responsible for his work before the citizens of the Municipality of Plovdiv and the Municipal Council, which is publicly accountable to him.
Complaints and alerts to the Public Mediator of the Municipality of Plovdiv are submitted by word or in writing to:
Address: Plovdiv, Str. “Avksentiy Veleshki” № 20 , Floor 1 or
E-mail: [email protected] ; [email protected]
• Borislav Stamatov: +359 (32) 600 555;
• Georgi Halachev: +359 (32) 600 563;
• Anelia Hadjieva: +359 (32) 600 554;
• +359 (32) 600 554;
Website: http://ombudsman-plovdiv.com

Reception of the Public Mediator: Floor 1, Room No. 104
Monday: 9.00 – 13.00
Tuesday: 9.00 – 13.00
Thursday: 12.00 – 16.00
Friday: 12.00 – 16.00

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