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Telephones For signals

In case of signals for violation of the regulations of Plovdiv Municipality:

Plovdiv Municipal Inspectorate: 032 625 650, 625 660, 633 323;
The hotline of the Plovdiv Municipal Inspectorate – “Green Telephone” 6-111

For Waste Disposal Notices and Waste Policy Improvement Suggestions – e-mail: [email protected]

In case of environmental policy violations:

Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water – Plovdiv “Green Telephone”: 032 643245

In case of reports of violation of the Water Act

East Aegean River Basin Directorate : “Blue telephone” 032 621 552

In the case of alerts for dogs and cats and cattle and cattle harvesting:

Municipal Enterprise “Zoo veterinary Complex”; 032 966 184 – telephone for signals and requests

Signals of fallen trees and broken, dangerously hanging branches

Municipal Enterprise “Gardens and Parks”: 032 624 301

For signals on:

  • Irregular service of household waste containers;
  • Irregular cleaning of the street network;
  • Closed rainfall shafts, missing and broken bars, bracelets and rotten buckets of rainwater shafts.

Municipal Enterprise “Cleanness”: 032 675 817

For inquiries on disinfection, disinsection and deratization treatments:

Municipal Enterprise “Disinfection Station”: 032 990 318

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