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Plovdiv is situated in the Upper Tracian Valley, along the Maritsa River in the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains. Plovdiv valley is an alluvial lowland where the town lies. Its specific climatic conditions define its mezoclimate. It has some main characteristics, mainly because of the syncline morphological relief, which appears to be a “shell” of Plovdiv’s air field. This determines the specific physical processes  - temperature inversions. The urban microclimate in Plovdiv is also shaped by the hills and the river Maritsa. There’s no other city with such picturesque hills, winding river and areas from “Natura 2000″. The city parks “Tsar Simeon Garden”, “Garden Dondukov” and the planting on “Ivan Vazov” Street and  Boulevard “Ruski” give the complete view of the town. Favourite places for relaxation also are  ”Lauta” park,  ”Recreation and culture” park  and “White Birches” park.

Policy on environmental management in the Municipality of Plovdiv is implemented by the Directorate of “Environmental Protection and Waste Management” in accordance to the legislation, local regulations and strategic documents in order to create comfortable urban environment for our children and to support the candidacy of Plovdiv for European Capital of Culture – 2019

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