Current projects

Project Name: BG05SFPR003-1.001-016-C02 A warm meal in Plovdiv

Funding programme/ institution:  Food and Basic Material Assistance Programme 2021 – 2027

Total value of the project:  BGN 4,815,360

Objectives and expected results:  Providing support to the most vulnerable groups of the population by providing hot lunch as a social service in the community. Capacity of the service – 2,000 persons on the territory of the city of Plovdiv from the eligible target groups:
1. persons and families without income or with a low income, elderly families of pensioners and pensioners living alone who have low income;
2. persons subject to social assistance who are unable to meet their basic life needs and for whom a need for additional support has been established;
3. persons with low incomes who, due to existing disabilities or health limitations, have difficulty or inability to care for themselves, including single persons with permanent disabilities with low personal income from a pension, for whom there is no suitable candidate for an assistant under the personal assistance mechanism;
4. persons who, due to accidental circumstances, are in a difficult and vulnerable situation and a need for this type of assistance has been established for them;
5. wandering and homeless persons;
6. persons from vulnerable groups – citizens of third countries, refugees.
In accordance with the Public Procurement Act, the hot lunch service is provided by two contractors. The service is available to users at 11 service points spread across the city of Plovdiv’s six administrative districts, in premises provided by the selected providers and meeting the terms and requirements of Food Law. The provision of aid in the form of food rations for the people in need includes soup, main course, bread, and dessert-once a week. The project implementation period is from 01.10.2022 – 17.05.2025. The grant value for the implementation of the planned activities is BGN 4 815 360.00, with co-financing from the Municipality of Plovdiv of 0.70 BNG per lunch.
At the moment, the full capacity of the service has not been reached, and the application process and enrolment of users belonging to the target groups described above are still in motion.
Information and publicity measures are underway for the project, guaranteeing maximum transparency and proper awareness among the target groups and interested parties.

Implementation:  01.10.2022 – 17.05.2025

Project Name: № BG05M9OP001-2.119-0012-C01 Patronage care + in Plovdiv Municipality

Funding: Human Resources Development 2014-2020
Total Project cost: 599 417,28 BGN (100% grant)

Beneficiary: Municipality of Plovdiv
Brief description: The project will ensure the provision of integrated social and health services for people with disabilities and people at risk, in connection with limiting the spread and overcoming the consequences of COVID-19.
Implementation: 03.08.2022 г. – 03.02.2023

Project: BGLD-3.002-0006-C01 „Establishing a one-stop shop center for integrated social and health services in the neighborhood of Stolipinovo“

Financing program/institution: Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, Programme „Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Improved Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups“

Total value of the project: BGN 2 310 451.09 – Grant

Beneficiary: Minicipality of Plovdiv

Aims and expected results: The project aims at implementing a comprehensive program for socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable ethnic groups in Plovdiv’s neighborhood of Stolipinovo by providing improved access to administrative, social, educational and health services, through the establishment of a one-stop shop center. Тhe Center will introduce a new approach to providing disadvantaged residents of Stolipinovo with basic public services. While creating an innovative concept, which offers counseling on social, educational and health matters, as well as health checks, free meals and leisure activities for both adults and children, the Center will become a welcoming multifunctional space consistent with the needs of the local population. The project offers campaigns and initiatives aimed at positively changing the social attitude both inside and outside Stolipinovo, spreading information on various topics of key importance to society.

Project duration: 11.04.2022 – 30.04.2024

Project: BGENERGY-2.002-0018 “Introduction of energy efficiency measures and construction of photovoltaic power plants in three kindergartens on the territory of Plovdiv Municipality”

Financing program/institution: Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, Programme ”Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security”

Total value of the project: BGN 2 799 028.90, incl. BGN 2 346 798.00 – grant, and BGN 452 230.90 – financial contribution by beneficiary

Beneficiary: Minicipality of Plovdiv

Aims and expected results: The main objective of the project consists of energy- saving measures implementation in the buildings of Kindergarten “Desislava”, Kindergarten “Edelvais” and Kindergarten “Svetlina”. The major project activity is related to the following:

-       thermal insulation of external walls,

-       replacement of windows joinery,

-       roof insulation,

-       replacement of lighting,

-       installation of solar system for hot water,

-       photovoltaic power system, providing the possibility of energy storage.

The implementation of the envisaged energy-saving measures will increase the energy efficiency of the buildings, and will lead to a decline of the electricity consumption, together with a reduction of the CO2 emissions, while ensuring better conditions in the selected educational institutions.

Project duration: 29.04.2022 – 30.04.2024

Project: “Integrated Water Project of Plovdiv – Stage 1”

Beneficiary: Municipality of Plovdiv

Financing program/institution: Financing program/institution: Operational Program “Environment” 2014-2020, Priority Axis № BG16M1OP002-1.006 “Implementation of the early water supply projects.”

Total value of the project: 115 334 116,42 BGN.

Aims and Expected Results: With the implementation of the project will ensure optimal removal and treatment of wastewater collected in sewer networks that are currently discharged without appropriate enough purification that meets the goals set by Directive 91/271 / EEC requirements. In the present project proposal includes the following measures concerning sewer, replacement of 13.428 km secondary sewerage network in order to reduce the infiltration flow to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP); Rehabilitation of Main collector VII and construction of a new collector length 2.746 km to ensure sufficient hydraulic capacity of the system. The approved project for reconstruction, modernization and completion of the WWTP – Plovdiv will reduce the flow of pollutants and boigenni elements in the receiving water. Wastewater treatment will enable reliable and stable technology to achieve compliance with European standards for water discharged waste water treatment plants in economically favorable terms. With the implementation of the project will be optimized process for sludge treatment, including sludge stabilization, mechanical removal of water and heat drying sludge and use of biogas.

Duration: 04.04.2018г. – 30.06.2024

Project: Budget Line (Financial Plan) of the Municipality of Plovdiv – A Beneficiary Under Procedure BG16RFOP001-8.001”, Municipality of Plovdiv.

Financing program/institution: OP “Regions in growth”

Total value of the project: 434 624.84 BGN

Aims and Expected Results: The project proposal aims to ensure the successful program of the Municipality of Plovdiv within the Operational Program “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020

Duration: 29.02.2016.- 29.12.2023

Project: “Community Center for Children and Families – Plovdiv”

Financing program/institution: OP “Human Resource Development”

Total value of the project: 2 047 922.94 BGN

Aims and Expected Results: The project proposal aims to place services to children of early age and their families in order to improve their access to health care, to improve the formation of parent skills, to improve the family environment and to enhance the school preparedness of children for their involvement in the educational system; the project proposal aims also at the prevention of the accommodation of children in specialized institutions. Through the improvement of the preparedness of children for their involvement in the educational system and through the support for the formation of parent skills among the parents in risk, the project aims to limit the development of poverty among generations. The services will be available in the Center for Children and Families, established within the frames of the project for social inclusion and integrated services for early childhood development, which are directed towards children up until the age of 7, members of the risk groups, including children with disease and their families as well as towards future parents.

Duration: 26.07.2016 – 30.06.2023

Project: “Investment Program For the Realization of an Integrated Plan for Urban Regeneration and Development of Plovdiv 2014-2020 “, Plovdiv Municipality

Financing program/institution: OP “Regions in growth”

Total value of the project: 80 185 732.87 BGN

Aims and Expected Results: The aim of the investment program is to create better living conditions for development and public works on the territory of Plovdiv. The key areas that the project aims to influence are of great social, economic and social importance.

Duration: up to 2020

Project: BG16RFOP001-5.002-0003-С01 “Providing appropriate and effective infrastructure for the provision of new social services for disabled and elderly people in the city of Plovdiv”, Municipality of Plovdiv

Financing program/institution: Operational Programme “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020

Total value of the project: 1 093193,07 BGN

Aims and expected results:
The project “Providing appropriate and effective infrastructure for the provision of new social services for disabled and elderly people in the city of Plovdiv”, funded by Operational Programme “Regions in growth” 2014-2020, aims to establish a Care center for people with different forms of dementia with a capacity of 15 persons and a Care center for elderly people with inability for self-care with a capacity of 15 persons in the city of Plovdiv. The specific objectives of the project will be accomplished through the implementation of the activities planned as a part of it, namely: 1.Organization and project management; 2. Procurement and selection of project contractors; 3. Providing information and communication for the project; 3. Construction of an effective social infrastructure for providing 2 new social services in Plovdiv Municipality; 4. Construction supervision and conformity assessment; 5. Delivery and installation of equipment and furnishing. In order to achieve the complete and efficient construction of the new social services, within the framework of the project, engineering will be carried out to provide the necessary technical and executive documentation for the proper execution and monitoring of the realization of the infrastructure interventions. The project will create the conditions for providing quality, affordable and effective cross-sectoral long-term care services tailored to the real needs of people with various forms of dementia and the elderly with inability for self-care. With this project, the Municipality of Plovdiv will have the opportunity to comply with and implement the European and national norms concerning the replacement of the institutional model of community care and the decentralization of social services in general.

Duration of project: 30.11.2018 – 30.11.2020

Project: BG05M9OP001-2.029-0002-C01 “Integrated actions for sustainable urban development”, Municipality of Plovdiv

Financing program/institution: Operational Programme “Human resources development” 2014-2020

Total value of the project: 416 880,36 BGN

Aims and expected results:
The project proposal aims at complementing and further developing the results of the project “Improving the Social Infrastructure of Municipality of Plovdiv”, implemented under the grant procedure BG16RFOP001-1.001-039 “Implementation of the Integrated Plans for Urban Revitalization and Development 2014-2020” of the Regional Development Operational Programme. A temporary accommodation center for persons will be established under the project.

The project interventions will contribute to improving the quality of life of people from vulnerable groups by encouraging equal opportunities for all as well as by widening the scope of social services provided in the community.

The team of the Center will consists of the following positions: 1 manager, 2 social workers and 1 cleaner. The selection of staff will be carried out taking into account the specifics of the work of the future employees and the needs of the target group.

The temporary accommodation center will provide home-like environment to persons who are temporary or permanently deprived of their homes. The social service will be available to all homeless persons for a maximum of 3 months within a calendar year. In addition to providing shelter, the Center will also be a place for social integration and adaptation of people who have experienced a difficult life.

The personnel will assist the clients of the Center to:
- choose a GP and have access to other healthcare services;
- submit their documents to the National Social Security Institute, Territorial Expert Medical Commissions, and other government and municipal institutions and services.
- Get registration in the Employment Office;
- Get enrolled in various training courses and programmes;
- Start a new job;
- Overcome social isolation.

Duration of project: 01.07.2019 – 31.12.2023

Project: BG16M1OP002-5.003-0006-C01 “ Measures for Improvement of the Air Quality in the Municipality of Plovdiv by Reducing PM10 Emissions from Domestic Heating”

Financing program/institution: Operational Programme “ Environment 2014-2020“

Total value of the project: 13 862 232,11 BGN

Aims and expected results:
The overall objective of the project is to improve the air quality in the Municipality of Plovdiv by reducing the excess levels of PM10. The specific objective of the project is the implementation of measures for the phased replacement of old and inefficient devices and installations burning solid fuel (wood and coal) for domestic heating with new and modernized ones. The old devices are a major source of pollution, identified in the Municipal Program for Air Quality. The project will be implemented in two stages. The first stage involves technical assistance for the preparation of the investment measures and will be completed no later than 31.05.2021. During the first stage the following activities will be carried out: survey of the atitude of the population; organizing and conducting an awareness campaign for the population; developing a comprehensive vision for the approach to replacing solid fuel heating devices; establishing a mechanism through which the applicant will prioritize investments in buildings undergone thermal insulation; preparing a mechanism for accounting of the revenue generated from the gathered old heating devices; preparing the public procurement documentation for contractor selection; drawing up analyzes, assessments, justifications and studies for the purposes of preparing the project proposal; developing of average/ marginal prices per unit of product (replacement with pellet installation, gasification, etc.) or heating of a cubic meter though different alternative forms of heating when replacing a wood and coal device. In the second stage, investment measures will be implemented for the dismantling and replacing of stationary individual and multifamily solid fuel household appliances with heating devices using: pellets, wood biomass, fossil fuel, gas or electricity, as well as other alternative sources of heating. Both stages include organization and management of the project, as well as information and communication measures.

Duration of project: 15.08.2019 – 15.05.2024

Project: BGLD-1.003-0002-C01 Youth Center Plovdiv – a powerful factor for local development

Beneficiary: Municipality of Plovdiv

Financing program/institution: EEA FM, Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Enhanced Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups

Total value of the project: 2053740,60 BGN; 100% Grant

Aims and expected results:
The main focus of the project is expanding the scope of activities of the Youth Center-Plovdiv and increasing the diversity of the services offered by it to young people up to the age of 29, while at the same time broadening the target group by involving representatives beyond this group, incl. persons from vulnerable communities. The functioning of the upgraded services of YC will be ensured by the envisaged team of highly qualified specialists: 5 youth workers and 2 mediators, who will guarantee the quality of the customer service and the appropriate provision of the new youth services. The set of measures planned for the new YC programs, which will now also take place in the settlements close to Plovdiv, are aimed at: expanding the scope of existing services, introducing innovative and mobile services, conducting a range of additional non-formal trainings, developing a set of activities with the community and representatives of groups other than young people (children, parents, etc.), active work with disadvantaged groups/communities. The expected results from the project activities’ implementation are: improving the access of young people to the services of the YC; enhancing the socio-economic development of less developed municipalities; improving co-operation and relations with donor countries; upgrading the activities of the YC; activating the participation of youth and persons outside this group in the activities of the YC; increasing the capacity of YC employees- youth workers, mediators, etc.; providing innovative and upgraded services to attract and socially involve young people, incl. people from vulnerable groups, etc. Through the implementation of this project supported by FM of the EEA Grants 2014-2021, Plovdiv Municipality will continue its successful actions towards creating an educational and social environment which is modern, favorable and open to the youth, tailored to their needs and the requirements of the 21st century.

Duration of project: 01.07.2020 – 01.07.2023

Project: BG05M9OP001-2.019-0014-C01 Continuing support for deinstitutionalization of children and young people in the Minicipality of Plovidv

Beneficiary: Municipality of Plovdiv

Financing program/institution: Human Resources Development

Total value of the project: 1 462 261,52 BGN; 100% Grant

Aims and expected results: With this project under Procedure BG05M9OP001-2.019 “Continuing support for deinstitutionalization of children and young people”- STAGE 2- provision of social and integrated health and social services for children and families- Component 1, OPHRD 2014-2020, Plovdiv Municipality will continue the process of deinstitutionalization of children placed in homes for children deprived of parental care and the phased final closure of these institutions by ensuring the opening of 7 new social services in the community: 4 residential-type services- 2 family accommodation centers for children, a transitional residence, a monitored residence, and 3 advisory-type -a center for community support for children and families, a day center for support of children with disabilities and their families, a day center for support of children with heavy multiple disabilities and their families. For the functioning of the 7 new social services in the municipality of Plovdiv a specialized staff of 65 people will be appointed. They will be responsible for the overall provision of the appropriate care and comfort to the users with a view to their individual needs, including by providing for their daily and hygiene needs. The set of synergistic activities within the project will support the implementation of measures for: community support for children in residential care homes and children leaving care homes; health/ integrated health and social services for children with disabilities; care in a family environment for children at risk and more. The implementation of the project will contribute to guaranteeing the right of children to a family environment and access to quality care and services according to their individual needs, supporting the achievement of the main goal of the National Strategy “Vision for Deinstitutionalization of the children in the Republic of Bulgaria”, and will add to and build on the measures implemented in the area funded under OPHRD 2007-2013 and OPRG 2014-2020.

Duration of project: 25.08.2020 – 30.06.2023

Project: BG16RFOP001-6.002-0014-C01 “The ancient city walls of Philippopolis”

Beneficiary: Municipality of Plovdiv

Financing program/institution: OP Regions in Growth 2014-2020

Total value of the project: Grant 6 009 151,89 BGN; Self amount 2 003 050 BGN

Aims and expected results:
The project is aimed at the development of two competitive tourist attractions in the historical reserve “Ancient Plovdiv” – Plovdiv

Municipality and stimulation of diversification of local and regional tourist products.

Specific objectives:

1) By conserving, restoring and exhibiting the antique complex “East Gate of Philippopolis” and the Archaeological Complex “Nebet tepe” and the construction works on their overall

socialization, to support the transformation of these archaeological sites in the category “national importance” into preferred tourist

attractions offering suitable conditions for year-round visitation;

2) Providing advertising and presentation campaigns and stimulate the interests of different target groups of tourists;

3) By increasing the tourist flow, support the development of local business – directly or indirectly related to the development of tourist services.

The project includes three sites of intervention:

- Ancient complex “East Gate of Philippopolis”;

- Archaeological Complex “Nebet tepe”;

- Reconstruction of the elements of the technical infrastructure and improvement of approaches to the Archaeological complex “Nebet tepe” , Plovdiv.

In addition to the activities related to the construction and/or the conservation and restoration works, the conduction of an advertising campaign is envisaged for the promotion of the tourist attractions under the project, including marketing and presentation activities as per the usual practice. The project also includes other accompanying activities necessary for its preparation and implementation. These are construction and author’s supervision activities, implementation of information and communication measures, audit, organization and management.

Duration of project: 13.07.2020 – 13.07.2022 (extended to December 2023)

Project Name: Construction of social housing in Plovdiv city
Funding: Regions in Growth
Total Project cost: 7 165 650.82 BGN
Brief description: The implementation of the project envisages the construction of a new building in order to provide modern social housing for the accommodation of vulnerable groups of the population and other disadvantaged groups.
It is planned that the building will be built on private municipal property – “6 Vladaya” Str. – PI with ID 56784.525.232, which is located at quarter 14 according to the plan of the Quarter “Multifunctional zone East”.
It is envisaged to have an area of 6795 square meters, which will allow the separation of 40 one-bedroom, 22 two-bedroom, 8 three-bedroom and 4 four-bedroom apartments, 18 parking spaces, as general and auxiliary premises.
Implementation: 01.09.2020 – 01.03.2023

Project Name: Improving the urban environment in Zone with potential for economic development Gladno pole
Funding: Regions in Growth
Total Project cost: 11 886 112.50 BGN, grant 9 264 652.50 BGN, self amount 2 621 460.00 BGN
Brief description: The project proposal is related to the renovation of a zone with potential for economic development “Gladno Pole”, which will create prerequisites for optimal use of territorial resources and investment in the Plovdiv knowledge economy. The proposed actions are set to improve the urban environment, reduce air pollution and promote noise reduction measures through comprehensive renovation of transport infrastructure. As a result, the accessibility and connectivity of the economic zone will be increased, which will be the first step of a long-term vision for its future development as a focus of investment and high-tech activities.
Expected results:
1. Construction of street network (main and secondary) with landscaping and parking, including complete underground technical infrastructure and green areas for general public use: St. Petersburg Blvd., Todor Gatev Street – in the section from Bogomil Str.
2. Reconstruction, including the extension of Lev Tolstoy Street / from General Radko Dimitriev Street to Bogomil Street / and the implementation of street landscaping;
3. Rehabilitation of existing Bogomil Street / from Lev Tolstoy Street to St. Petersburg Boulevard / and Radko Dimitriev Street / from Lev Tolstoy Street to Georgi Stranski Street and the implementation of street landscaping.
Implementation: 29.10.2020 – 29.04.2023

Project Name: Reconstruction, rehabilitation and construction of educational infrastructure in 2 kindergartens in the city of Plovdiv
Funding: Regions in Growth
Total Project cost: 8 660 036.21 BGN
Brief description:
(A) Need for the project
The project will make a significant contribution to improving the conditions for early childhood care and educational services in the city of Plovdiv. The capacity of the city’s educational infrastructure will be optimized, through the construction of a new kindergarten and a new building connected to the existing one. The construction of these 2 buildings will lead to a better educational environment and more sports opportunities for children. The implementation of energy efficiency measures will respond to the need to reduce energy and resource costs – in line with environmental priorities and sound financial management of public institutions.
(B) Target groups
The target groups of the project include children up to three years of age (children under 3 years of age may enter kindergarten in September provided that they reach 3 years old by the end of the calendar year); preschool children; children with physical disabilities; staff of the renovated sites.
(C) Expected results
(1) Reconstruction, reconstruction and construction of a new corps of Zornitsa Kindergarten;
(2) Construction of a new building of Kamenitsa Kindergarten.
Implementation: 18.12.2020 – 18.06.2023

Project Name: Reconstruction of the urban environment in Plovdiv Municipality – 2020-2023
Funding: Regions in Growth
Total Project cost: 10 233 472.92 BGN, grant : 9 770 379.60 BGN, self amount : 463 093.32 BGN

Aims and Expected Results: The project will contribute to improving the environment in Plovdiv by investing in two types of objects:

(1) streets and squares – investments in road and pavement, installation of street furniture, energy efficient street lighting, landscaping;

(2) spaces – paving walkways, building sport outdoor facilities and children playgrounds, delivery and installation of park architectural elements, landscaping, automated irrigation systems;

These listed object types and their corresponding interventions are concentrated in the Social zone. The nature of investments, their location and the combination will result in a significant improvement in conditions for living and leisure of the local population which include a large proportion of Roma people. Interventions in the Social zone will facilitate connectivity between iconic urban spaces (archaeological sites, approaches to the Old Town).

This project will build on the achievements of project “Improving the urban environment in Plovdiv Municipality“, financed under Procedure “Implementation of integrated plans for urban regeneration and development” of Operational Programme “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020.

Expected Results:

(1) Rehabilitated and reconstructed groups of streets and squares in the Social zone, including energy efficient street lighting;

(2) Landscaped, green and socialized spaces in the Social zone, including built playgrounds and sports fields;

Implementation : 30.12.2020 – 30.06.2023

Project Name: BG16RFOP001-1.003-0004-C02 Improvement of energy efficiency in multifamily residential buildings in the city of Plovdiv – Stage 1

Funding: Regions in Growth
Total Project cost: 3 692 629,44 BGN
Brief description: The project proposal will ensure the implementation of measures and activities aimed at the renovation and improvement of energy efficiency in five multifamily residential buildings:

1. Building on 30 Ivan Geshev Street;

2. Building on 196 Bulgaria Boulevard;

3. Building on 45-47 Bulgaria Boulevard;

4. Building on 83-91 Vasil Aprilov Boulevard;

5. Building on 1-3 Zheravna Street.

This set of buildings is a result of the application of a detailed assessment procedure, including the selection and prioritization of multifamily buildings that have applied for financial support within the framework of Procedure BG16RFOP001-1.001-039 “Implementation of Integrated Urban Recovery and Development Plans 2014- 2020 “. All preparatory activities for assessment and selection of multifamily buildings, preceding the development of this project proposal, ensure equal opportunities for the eligible owners of residential buildings in Plovdiv. This ensures a rational and transparent approach for spending of the indicative budget for energy efficiency of multifamily residential buildings in the city of Plovdiv.

Depending on the specific requirements in the energy efficiency audits and technical audits, the different buildings will be implemented:

1. a set of measures for energy efficiency and optimization of energy consumption, respectively limiting the ecological “footprint” of the buildings;

2. constructive restoration activities.

The project proposal will be a very important component of the integrated urban regeneration projects of the city of Plovdiv, as it will improve the characteristics of the housing sector, the living conditions and the ecological qualities of the urban environment.

Implementation: 04.01.2021 – 04.07.2023

Project Name: № BG05M9OP001-6.002-0009, extended with project №BG05M9OP001-6.004-0010 Patronage care + in Plovdiv Municipality
Administrative contract – № BG05M9OP001-6.002-0009-C01/29.01.2021; extended with agreement № 1 of 27.01.2022 for a new contract № BG05M9OP001-6.004-0010-C01
Funding: Human Resources Development 2014-2020
Total Project cost: 4 262 486,87 BGN (100% grant) of which:
under Project № BG05M9OP001-6.002-0009 – 2 823 558,18 BGN
under Project № BG05M9OP001-6.004-0010 – 1 438 928, 69 BGN
Brief description: The project will ensure the provision of integrated social and health services for people with disabilities and people at risk, in connection with limiting the spread and overcoming the consequences of COVID-19.
Implementation: 01.02.2021 г. – 02.09.2022

Project Name: BGENERGY-2.001-0030-C01 Introduction of Energy Conservation Measures for Rehabilitation and Modernization of Street Lighting in the Central and South Districts of Plovdiv Municipality

Funding: EEA FM, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security
Total Project cost: 1 126 999,69 BGN
Brief description: The Project – Introduction of ECM for Rehabilitation and Modernization of Street Lighting in the Central and South Districts of Plovdiv Municipality, under the EEA FM 2014-2021, aims at building a modernized municipal systems for external artificial lighting (SEAL) by introducing EE measures in two districts of Plovdiv – Central (between Koprivshtitza Blvd., Maritza-Iug Blvd, Ruski Blvd and Hristo Botev Blvd) and South (between Komatevsko Shose Str., Academic Petar Dinekov Str., Makedonia Blvd. and Nikola Vaptsarov Blvd). The specific objectives of the project will be achieved through the implementation of the envisaged synergistic activities, namely: 1. Organization and management of the project; 2. Providing information and communication on the project; 3. Performing engineering for the construction of EE SEAL; 4. Performing construction supervision and conformity assessment; 5. Financial audit;6.Organization and conduction of activities for exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge in the field of Energy efficiency. The envisaged set of activities will ensure the quality, transparency and effective implementation of the project, which will lead to: the replacement of 1913pcs. luminaires with modern LEDs, part of SEAL in the two Plovdiv districts; establishment of a system for automated management and control and introduction of RES-based power supply for SEAL. With this project, Plovdiv Municipality will have the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions, energy consumption and financial costs for electricity, as well as to improve the living conditions of the population directly affected by project interventions or – 165818 people, as well as in the long term – for the residents and guests of the city. The project is fully in line with leading strategic plans on a national and European level, contributing to the reduction of energy consumption, dependence on energy imports and pollution with harmful emissions; increase of EE and use of RES, etc.

Implementation: 24.02.2021 – 24.08.2022

Project: BG05M9OP001-2.056-0002 Socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable groups in the Municipality of Plovdiv through improved access to education, employment and health

Financing program/institution: OP “Human Resource Development” 2014-2020 and OP “Science and Education for Smart Growth” 2014-2020
Total value of the project: 1 563 955.71 BGN
Aims and Expected Results: The project aims to implement a comprehensive programme for socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable groups in the Municipality of Plovdiv by providing improved access to education, employment and health. The subsidized employment will reduce the level of poverty in ethnic minority communities while providing access to the labor market for low skill workers. The trainings to be carried out under the project aim to improve the motivation and competencies of the people from the target group as well as to increase their employability by upgrading their professional skills. The project also aims to support the social inclusion of children from ethnic minorities by increasing their motivation and participation in educational, cultural and sport activities, improving their Bulgarian language proficiency, enhancing their learning environment, stimulating their artistic and sport achievements. Work with parents is another important aspect of the project that will support group educational activities involving both children and parents.

Duration: 07.07.2021 – 30.06.2023

Project: № BGENVIRONMENT-4.001-0001, Predefined project №3 Implementation of Innovative Measures to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change in Municipalities in Bulgaria, Municipality of Plovdiv participates in the project as a partner

Financing program/institution: Environment Protection and Climate Change Programme under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area
Total value of project: Total grant – BGN 5 476 244,98, incl. BGN 539 809,08 for the Municipality of Plovdiv
Aims and Expected Results: Improvement of local authorities’ capacity to plan and identify creative and innovative urban planning solutions and to implement them in order to mitigate the impact and adapt to climate change.

Duration of project: 03.02.2021 – 30.04.2024

Project: BG05SFOP001-4.007-0003-C01 “Ensuring the functioning of RIC-Plovdiv for the period 2022-2023″ 

Financing program/institution: OP “Good Governance”

Total value of the project: BGN 273 000.00

Aims and expected results:
The aim of the project is to ensure the effective functioning of the Regional Information Centre in Plovdiv for the period 2022 – 2023 and to guarantee the right to free and full access to information on ESIF funding opportunities for all social, ethnic and age groups throughout the country, through providing a wide range of opportunities for obtaining this information.
RIC Plovdiv works to improve the transparency and promotion of EU-funded projects among potential and current beneficiaries, media and mediators, as well as the general public. The RIC staff provides information services and performs communication, expert and logistical functions in order to popularize ESIF on the territory of Plovdiv region and all municipalities in it; cooperates with the managing authorities / intermediate bodies of the OP; works with national, regional media and other EU information networks, as well as participates in Regional Development Councils related to the implementation of the new regional approach in Bulgaria and the application of ITI in the period 2021 – 2027.
The activities of  RIC – Plovdiv contribute to the promotion of the European Cohesion Policy and the opportunities for project financing, as well as to the dissemination of the achieved results of projects co-financed by the EU funds. The employees of RIC – Plovdiv work to increase transparency in the implementation of the programs by building widespread public trust and supporting the application of the integrated territorial approach in Bulgaria.
The implementation of the project “Ensuring the functioning of RIC – Plovdiv for the period 2022 – 2023″ will help to provide publicly available, free and timely information on EU funds. As a result of the implementation of the project activities, the visibility of the European funds and programs will be further increased.

Project duration: 01.01.2022 – 31.12.2023

Project: BGCULTURE-1.001-0016-C01 “The cultural heritage of Plovdiv, presented in revitalized, restored and renovated places″

Financing program/institution: FM of EEA 2014-2021

Total value of the project: BGN 781 550.03

Aims and expected results:
The project proposal includes improving the conditions and quality of presentation of the rich cultural heritage of the Municipality of Plovdiv by renovating and applying interactive methods in 7 cultural sites such as museums, galleries and one library. The project activities will create a wider interest in the cultural heritage by generating new entrepreneurial ideas will acquire revenue subsequently. Under the project, premises will be renovated and revitalized; showcases for the permanent exhibitions and equipment for interactive presentation of the exhibits will be purchased; A mobile application – quest game – will be developed, which will present the buildings, halls and some of the exhibits of the cultural institutes in an intriguing way for the visitors, including an audio guide. The App will be based on stories from the city and museums, galleries, the library and will add value in attracting younger audiences, the return of tourists to the city and will bring benefits to business in the municipality

Project duration: 21.06.2022 г. – 20.02.2024 г.

Project: BG05SFPR002-2.001-0049-C01 „Home care in the Municipality of Plovdiv“

Financing program/institution: Human Resources Development Programme 2021-2027

Total value of the project: BGN 5 530 985,20 – Grant

Beneficiary: Minicipality of Plovdiv

Aims and expected results:
The main goal of the current project is the creation of an integrated health and social service in the community, which will lead to an improvement in the quality of life and opportunities for social inclusion of the disabled and the elderly which are unable to care for themselves. This will be achieved by providing a network of services in the home environment and building relevant capacity for their provision.
Main expected results: Formed team of specialists able to provide the service; ensured efficient functioning of the “Care at Home” service; quality integrated health and social services provided to 1055 users, etc.

Project duration: 04.01.2023 – 04.02.2024

Project: BG05SFPR002-2.002-0003-C01 „Strengthening the municipal capacity in the Municipality of Plovdiv“

Financing program/institution: Human Resources Development Programme 2021-2027

Total value of the project: 1 380 635.00 BGN

Aims and expected results:
The current project aims at implementing integrated measures with a view to the execution of the powers of the Municipality of Plovdiv, related to the realization of its responsibilities under the Social Services Act (SSA), Persons with Disabilities Act (PDA) and Personal Assistance Act (PAA). By strengthening the Municipal capacity in the sphere the processes of reforming the system of social services will be supported and the transition to the new mechanisms at a local level will be facilitated. The implementation of the project will cover 130 persons from the target groups and will contribute to the smooth introduction of social services and personal assistance reforms. It will accelerate the provision of more effective, efficient and quality care to the most vulnerable groups of the population. For this purpose, a set of interrelated activities will be realized: establishing a front office, incl. delivery of equipment and furnishing; hiring, training and supervision of the personnel implementing measures under SSA, PDA and PAA at the municipal level; preparation of analyzes and studies of social services, incl. on the need for such; planning and analyzing the provision of social and integrated social-health services, incl. development of quality programs; conducting awareness-raising and information campaigns for the provision of personal assistance, social and integrated social-health services, as well as spreading knowledge among the local society regarding the possibilities for solving the issues related to the lack of accessibility for people with disabilities.

Project duration: 03.01.2023 – 03.01.2025

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